Crystal Geyser | Branditecture
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Crystal Geyser

It comes out of your faucet for free


Today, we all take bottled water for granted. When we were helping introduce Alpine Spring Water, bottled water was a novelty and a luxury.

How do you take a substance that is colorless and odorless and create an indelible brand? For Crystal Geyser, it is all about the source. We helped capture and express the source in every interaction — from packaging to press kits and everything in between.

Whether it was shelf merchandising, shipping containers or trucks, the alpine, icy blue and the clear red sing out. We even designed the labels so that we could drop the yellow plate from the presses and add a red one ensuring a strong, clear red every time.

We worked to develop many innovative and cost-effective design solutions for other Crystal Geyser brands, from Sparkling Water, to Juice Squeeze and Tejava.